How do you know who you can trust to help you 
get rid of your timeshare?
An EMMY Award-winning director/producer has recently filmed an eye-opening documentary on the CEO of Wesley Financial Group. Chuck McDowell is one of the founders of the entire timeshare cancellation industry. 

The full documentary titled "Timeshare WARrior - The Chuck McDowell Story" will be released soon.

In the meantime, the newly released trailer is below. We feel that the trailer alone does a fantastic job at displaying what we do, what we stand for, and, most importantly, how we can possibly help you.
Our CEO put his family's future at risk by deciding to stand up to the timeshare industry. 

An interview between Mr. McDowell and his wife, Jo Ellen, is below.

"I can say that four days in front of a Federal judge and listening to them talk about how horrible of a person I was by helping people cancel their timeshare that they've been lied to about... was very strange.

...I literally sat for four days and in my left hand I had a Buckeye and in my right hand I had a cross -- and I was rubbing both of them."
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